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San Isidro - León: A beginner's guide to snowboarding

It has been two years since people here had stepped on the snow for the last time, It was one of the rarest moments since it does not snow much in this region. Last week, it was time to get out of under this dry, grey and unstable sky. Fortunately, San Isidro has become the destination. After almost four hours of travel, I was walking on the snow which seemed iced due to cold nights and days without snow. Next day was the day to get started with skiing. I have never tried it before except sliding on the plastic bags and small chairs when we were children. I used the slide down on all the small hills there were around my neighbourhood for long hours. I have so many memories from childhood and many of them are when it was winter. Later we went to rent the equipment, there are several local shop you can rent the equipment. I had no idea that each of them is very important on their own, learned that after two days. I decided to go with snowboarding, always interested in both skateboardin