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Sierra de Gredos - The day lockdown started

We were outside of coverage area during hiking on Sierra de Gredos. After a few seconds from we had started to get down from the peak, we had network connection and at that moment my friend Eric, nervously, told me that a lockdown has started due to the pandemic. It was time to get back home as soon as possible. The visit to Sierra de Gredos was the last day we were able to freely walk around. Since then we are in lockdown. In this post, I was planning to share both how hiking in Sierra de Gredos was like and my experiences of being in lockdown during this pandemic. But it has been 48 days already in lockdown and there are so many things to talk/write about, so I will leave it for another post.  Let´s start with Sierra de Gredos. I have been there twice, I had not been on the lake the first time. This time, we have walked until the lake, which was half icy. It took an hour and a half to get there from Salamanca, the views along roads are nice. You can get to the start point by