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Salamanca Hiking Routes: Candelario

Candelario is one of my favourite, a lovely town near Salamanca. It is declared as "Conjunto Historico" just like La Alberca and thanks to its beauty, it is on the list of the most beautiful towns in Spain [1] We went to Candelario on a rainy Saturday to walk around it. It was my third time in the town. I knew the centre of the town, with its decorated houses, interesting doors, narrow streets, surprising and endless fountains waiting for you on every corner but I did not have chance to enjoy what its nature offers. Salamanca and its surroundings have arid and steppe vegetation but after an hour of travel to Candelario, Bejar, green becomes the most dominant colour.  There are many hiking routes to enjoy this nature [2] and I think tourism office of Candelario has done a good job with this web page, it is well prepared, easy to understand and very detailed. You can see there are eleven different routes.  Due to limited time and weather conditions, we took the shortest route,