17,247 new people in Malaga

1. Migration of tribes to Malaga

We have been looking for an apartment for almost three months, and I wasn't expecting this before moving to Malaga. It is not even about the price range you decided, simply said there weren't enough apartments to rent. They are either in very bad shape or expensive.  Finally, we have settled down somewhere but still not sure if we like it so much. Finding an apartment in Malaga was both hard and long (experiences to be told in another post). I was hearing from some people that many remote workers had moved from Madrid, Granada, etc. to Malaga after the pandemic, now with the following piece of news, it all makes sense. It is like "migration of tribes" as we say for this kind of mass moves. ~ 17 thousand people in almost a year. This level of demand obviously will explode the prices of rents. 

Malaga is the Spanish province with the largest population growth during the pandemic

In the past 18 months, some 17,247 people moved to Malaga with the province’s population exceeding 1.7 million for the first time. According to Spain's National Institute of Statistics (INE) Malaga province saw a population increase of 1.02 percent during the period between January 2020 and July 2021. 

Some more data on Malaga's population: The Andalusia Technology Park (Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía, PTA) has more than 20.000 employees, and the University of Malaga has around 35.322 students, and every year around 1,4 million tourists visit Malaga. 

2. Homeless people 

I have been seeing some and wondering about it. There are 150 homeless people in Malaga. And what this good samaritan hairdresser does is admirable.  This is a very nice story.  After pandemis he has started to go out to the streets and offer free haircuts to homeless people. 

A hairdresser giving hope to the homeless

3. Free bus service for residents

I have only been to Torremolinos, one of the towns of Malaga, but it seems that Marbella, Fuengirola, and Benalmadena offer free bus service for residents. 

4. 30m aid package for a hotel chain

For an 8 years old hotel chain, it is strange how quickly it grew to be the biggest one in Malaga and got government help. 

Soho Boutique group hotel chain opened its first hotel in Malaga in 2014 and now has 34 in different parts of Spain. It currently offers the largest number of hotel beds in Malaga city. 

5. Treasures found in garbage

Besides reading that glass is the easiest to recycle in this piece, I read that they had found some treasures among the rubbish, often items of cutlery, a lot of jewelry. They currently hold about 1,500 pieces of jewelry containing about 3.5 kilos of gold in total, all of them found among the rubbish.

6. Migrants

41,632 migrants arrived in Spain without the necessary documentation by land or sea in 2021.  The Canaries are still the regions with the most immigrants by the sea  - 22,200 arrived in 2021. There were 4,404 deaths or disappearances from the small 'patera' boats crossing Spain. 

7. The future of kitesurfing is from Estepona

I was particularly interested in this one since I will start learning to kitesurf this year. 

Two kids from Estepona have won Junior World Cup (5 winners from Spain), FreeStyle, a very technical format in which the main objective is to perform jumps while disengaged from the harness which connects the rider from the kiteboard, permitting them to perform as many tricks as possible. 

[Sur in English - January 7th to 13th 2022]

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