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I do my best to find a local newspaper and get to know more about the city I live in or currently passing by. Local newspapers somehow seem a bit more sincere than national ones. Living in Andalucia nowadays, I will try to share the things I notice in the local newspapers from the nearby regions. (Let me call this as this new year's resolution)

Headline: Spain reduces Covid isolation period from ten to seven days

- In January 2020, the first Covid-19 jabs have been given to the residents in care homes and frontline health workers. Now, around 80% of the total population in Andalucia has been fully vaccinated.

- The first electric-powered and autonomous bus was on a one-month trial period in Malaga. The city's mayor Franciso de la Torre pointed out that Malaga would be the first city in Europe where an autonomous bus would operate.

- In Andalusia, 12,000 small and medium-sized businesses, and self-employed workers have been eradicated. The region had only received 41% of the number of tourists who came in 2019. 

-This is very interesting, I did not know every Semana Santa, they were forgiving a prisoner. I need to check if every province does this or only Malaga. It seems that Malaga has forgiven two this year: Malaga breaks the 270-year Easter tradition: Two people jailed for public health offenses and one for robbery with force were freed by the Jesus El Rico brotherhood on the Wednesday of Holy Week. This was the first time in the 270 years of this tradition that three prisoners were freed, instead of one, under the privilege granted to the religious brotherhood by King Carlos II in the 18th century.

- Spain faces the biggest migrant crisis as 8,000 enter Ceuta. Spain witnessed a mass illegal entry of over 8000 people from Morocco and sub-Saharan counties into the Spanish city of Ceuta on the North African coast. Eye-witnesses said that Moroccan border guards stood back from Sunday to Tuesday and allowed the illegal crossings.

- First Cruise ship in Malaga 15 months, Tuesday 15 June with 1270 passengers. 

-  Drought: La Axarquia reservoir was only 23.2 percent full after such a prolonged period of dry weather, the lowest it had been since 2008 when the level was similar and it was about to be declared a dead reservoir.

- Volcano erupts on La Palma, in the Canary Islands: It erupted for the first time in 50 years on 19 September.

- Disruption to rail services due to strikes and driver shortages: Users of the Costa del Sol`s Cercanias train lines saw their journeys disrupted when the services were canceled without warning due to driver shortages, Passenger, especially on the C-1 Malaga to Fuengirola line, which is used by 30.000 people a day...

 - The Cudeca Foundation reported that its 25 charity shops are losing an estimated 4000 euros a month because of an increase in shoplifting. 

- I haven't been yet but was planning to visit it: New company for Caminito del Rey, and it would keep the price the same, at 10 euros.

- It has been one of the first impressions I got from Malaga when I arrived first, the smell of urine! So far, think it is mostly dogs but I would not exclude humans. I also say some dog owner pouring some sort of liquid after their dog's pee, and was wondering what was it. Apparently, they can be fined for not doing so: Fines of the way for dog owners not rinsing off dog urine. First, it was Torremolinos, Benalmadena, and Ronda, and now the war against dog pee has reached Mijas, the fourth major town in the province that is going to force dog owners to clean up after their pets.

- Walking in the city, you also notice cruises in the post and I was wondering how many of them come per year, now I know, it will be 293 in 2022, which will include 32 ships that have never visited the capital of Costa del Sol.

- Long time I haven't watched the news without La Palma volcanic eruption: La Palma volcanic eruption was officially declared to be over on Christmas Day. It was active for three months, 7000 residents had to evacuate and 2329 properties were lost under rivers of lava, earth, and rocks. 

- Local newspaper does not only include local news, but this one is also interesting: Global computer chip shortage stalls the new car market in Spain, around 150,000 people are waiting, in come cases up to six months, for their new vehicle to be delivered, 4000 of those people are in Malaga. 

- Once I heard that from somewhere that Jaen is the city with the highest number of olive production, I now know that it has 66 million olive trees.

- Miami has seventy percent of its residents Hispanic, many Cuban-Americans.

- Spanish peseta leaves circulation and euros move in, at the end of 2001 after 133 years of use.

* All from "Sur in English" 31/12/2021


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