Orange Country

I have been stockpiling recent newspapers, mostly Sur English and some other too, but never had a chance to write a few words about them. In this post, I wanted to publish some of the pieces I copied, just not to lose them in my notes. 

Last week, we woke up in a day with an orange color - I have never seen something like that before, it was like doomsday, end of the world. Turned out that it was the dust coming from the Sahara region and it coincided with rainy weather, which resulted literally mud rain. I went for a walk and I came back as a mud man in 15 minutes. (you can see the other headline about ongoing strikes)

The longest and most expensive cruize "The Ultimate World Cruise", spends 274 days on the sea, visits 65 countries, five continents, 157 destinations and the price varies from 52,681 to 102,000.

As a fan of olive and olive oil, this is interesting to hear: thousand-year-old olive tree in Malaga. 

I can not imagine how hard is handling paperwork, bank operations, etc for the elderly when it can be really hard and real pain for young people, Spanish bureaucracy (aka burrocracy) is real, it exists out there and if you live in this country it will definitely find you at some point.

I have always wondered how are regulations to protect some regions from becoming a concrete graveyard. They also prevent houses grouping with some regulations. Good to know.

Some more notes: 
  1. More than 17000 Ukrainian citizens live in Andalusia and 11000 of them live in Malaga.
  2. 7379 Russians live in Malaga and 2800 of them are in Marbella.

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