Don Qui-Not, Titanic, You and the Law in Spain


Since my first day in Malaga, I have been hearing about how beautiful Mijas village was. Finally, I visited it this week. There are donkey taxis, and the following piece of new shows a local organization is regularly checking their welfare, nice. But when we see them, they did not look quite healthy, carrying people around under that temperature, working all day long, they looked very tired. I hope this news is true and they are in good condition. 

This year new traffic rules have been approved in Spain. With the new regulations now, no personal mobility vehicles (like patinetes, or scooters) may use the pavement or the other pedestrian spaces.
I was also wondering about the following, a helmet must be worn on inter-urban roads but in the towns, this is only obligatory for the under-16s.

Some pieces about the economy and electric prices.

Could the Titanic tragedy have been avoided? Some very interesting information about the famous Titanic tragedy. Apparently, Cruz Roja has worked on analyzing the disaster and they are now sharing the outcomes in the center.

The classical book written by Spanish writers, Don Quijote is not the only famous book from Spanish literature. A nice collection from the new paper called "The Olive Press" 

I particularly like the section "What happened today" of Sur Englis. You can learn a lot. The following is a piece about the death of Picasso in France. The phrase "The most famous French painter is not French" is interesting. Since he was born in Malaga, they have a museum here, his natal home is also a museum but he was mainly living abroad, not even in Spain. So it was interesting to see how Malaga is commercializing Picasso in the city,  tourism!

I was hearing about the cooperative DCoop but I did not know it was the world's largest producer of extra virgin olive oil and table olives. It is huge!

I have shared a lot about this subject, how Malaga is receiving a lot of migrations. Tribes migration goes on and goes on and goes on...

The number of foreign people living in Malaga, by descending order: British, Moroccans, Italians, Ukrainians, Rumanians, Germans, Colombians, Argentinians, Chinese, and Russians

I need to get this book. No surprise this guy has written that book years ago. I am sure lots of British and American people got benefited from that book when settling down in the south. 

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